Welcome to my site! I’m Regine. I’m a devoted wife and mom of 3 boys. I’m a life and family coach. I have a passion for seeing others begin to discover and develop their God-given gifts. I love the moment when it all “begins to click” – when a person experiences great fulfillment, joy, and inspiration. My joy in life is to help and see others THRIVE!

I hope, as we begin our journey together, you are:

  • Encouraged
  • Challenged
  • Inspired

Uncovering a Passion for Life Coaching

The Lord has me on an incredible journey. My youth was filled with grand visions of a life’s purpose that was built on helping others. I considered careers involving medicine, law and more. I finally settled on communications. I honed my communication skills and worked in settings where I helped companies communicate to the world and their employees. However, after getting married and transitioning into a stay-at-home after my first son was born, I realized I had been given a gift. With my type A personality and easy-going nature, I took up roles where I could nurture other moms, young women. I was blessed with the opportunity to:

  • Sit across the table from young women and moms to talk about life
  • Develop sweet relationships
  • Helping guide their next steps
  • Comfort them in the challenges of transitions

This discovery led me to my current role as Life & Wellness Coach, where I get to sit across the table with you as we search for clarity and discernment. So, whether you stumbled across this site, or are seeking a change in your life – I am thrilled you are here!

A few of my loves…

I adore:

  • My family (parents, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws – they’re incredible people). I could go into crazy detail about each one of them, but it could get way too lengthy.
  • My husband, Christopher. The most inspirational man I have ever met. I prayed to find a spouse that would inspire me in all aspects of my life – my faith with the Lord, being a Godly woman and being a great mom (someday). Christopher is an incredible teammate. He’s a fantastic communicator, teacher, listener, motivator, servant, and patient spouse extraordinaire.

Besides my family, I adore…

  • My God, and His total, unending, grace-filled love
  • My amazing, hilarious truth-seeking friends
  • Traveling with my husband, especially abroad
  • Writing and blogging on: fitness, life’s teachable moments, life’s hysterical moments
  • Being active in soccer, barre, hiking and volunteering

Now that you got the “overkill” on information about me, I’d love to hear more about you. Please contact me to set-up an appointment to sit down and chat. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Hope to hear from you soon!

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