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Life + Wellness Coaching with Regine

Mommy Coaching  (New Moms + Experienced Moms)

Here’s the deal. You are a strong woman. You are capable of many things. But do you ever find yourself feeling like you are losing your mind trying to keep up with the kids and everything else have to do? Not to mention all the things you WANT to do?

How would it feel to you know you had a plan to not only take care of your family, but also reach those other goals you have?

As a coach I help you identify what you really want and how to move forward to get it. I help you keep things in balance so you are feeling good and fulfilled spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

Topics often discussed are:

Self Care & Understanding, Fitness, Health, Spiritual Development, Purpose, Kids, Weight Loss, Family Management,  Social & Community Relationships/Dynamics, Goal Setting, Finances, Household Management, Work Life, Life Transitions, Starting a Business or Coaching through a specific project.

Parenting Coaching  (Families + New Parents)

As a parent and parent coach, I know how challenging the demands of everyday life can be on parents’ emotional and psychological well-being. Many Moms and Dads today are “running on empty,” feeling overwhelmed, tired, unhappy, and guilty about not being the person, parent, or partner they want to be. They want to get their lives back on track, but don’t know how or where to begin. Parent coaching can help you…

  • gain perspective on your unique situation

  • develop practical solutions to difficult problems

  • identify your strengths as a parent and individual

  • move from feeling overwhelmed and out of control to confident
    and in control of your life

  • reconnect to what matters most to you and your family

Wellness Coaching (Weight-loss & Healthier Lifestyle)

Do you want to feel happier, stronger, healthier, and have the energy and confidence to actually DO all the things you dream about, but you don’t even know where to start? Are you tired of restrictive diets or workout plans that take over your entire life and make you feel like you’re never good enough?

You’re at the right place…and you are definitely already good enough.

As a life and wellness coach, I help women take ownership of their health, energy, and happiness from the inside out.

I’m not a trainer, nutritionist, guru, or fitness professional. I’m a regular woman just like you on my own journey. Think of me like your personal breakthrough facilitator — I’ll guide you through the process of getting to know yourself.

It all starts with getting out of your HEAD (you know, the place where all the fears and doubts and anxious chatter lives) and into your BODY. I’ll give you a simple plan and welcome you into my community so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed OR alone!

But here’s the thing. You have to be ready and willing to do the work and invest in yourself. I can’t give you motivation or promise results, but if you commit to showing up for yourself every day and focus on the process instead of stressing about the outcome, over enough time you’ll completely transform.

I’ll help you work through your excuses and all the annoying sabotaging blocks that hold you back so you can empower YOURSELF for lasting change.

It’s time to give yourself permission to start treating yourself better!


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