Wellness Coaching


Wellness Coaching (Fitness & Healthier Lifestyle)

Do you want to feel happier, stronger, healthier, and have the energy and confidence to actually DO all the things you dream about, but you don’t even know where to start? Are you tired of restrictive diets or workout plans that take over your entire life and make you feel like you’re never good enough?

You’re at the right place…and you are definitely already good enough.

As a life and wellness coach, I help women take ownership of their health, energy, and happiness from the inside out.

I’m not a trainer, nutritionist, guru, or fitness professional. I’m a regular woman just like you on my own journey. Think of me like your personal breakthrough facilitator — I’ll guide you through the process of getting to know yourself.

It all starts with getting out of your HEAD (you know, the place where all the fears and doubts and anxious chatter lives) and into your BODY. I’ll give you a simple plan and welcome you into my community so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed OR alone!

But here’s the thing. You have to be ready and willing to do the work and invest in yourself. I can’t give you motivation or promise results, but if you commit to showing up for yourself every day and focus on the process instead of stressing about the outcome, over enough time you’ll completely transform.

I’ll help you work through your excuses and all the annoying sabotaging blocks that hold you back so you can empower YOURSELF for lasting change.

It’s time to give yourself permission to start treating yourself better!



The ability to lose weight and KEEP it off WITHOUT spending hours in the gym and starving yourself is not as easy task. To fit back into those pre-pregnancy or post-high school jeans, you need to have a solid plan in place. You need to have support, accountability, a step by step blueprint of both what you need to eat to shed pounds, AND what workouts you need to do to effectively slim down.

In 30 days, you can get all of the tools AND the confidence it takes to succeed. That’s right. I don’t want you to commit to 60 or 90 days–I just want you to commit to 30 days. 30 days and you will see radical changes happening in your body!

What’s included?

  • 30 mins phone consult to meet and greet with me before the program begins to assess your goals
  • Get a personalized home workout plan that is specifically made for you and tailored to your goals.
  • Learn how to prepare your food in advance to set yourself up for success throughout the coming week.
  • Custom meal planning guide for 1 month, based on your likes/dislikes
  • Lifetime access to a Private Accountability Group with 10 women for support and accountability
  • Daily activity check-ins
  • Weekly Q + A videos
  • Portion Control Containers
  • Healthy Recipes, tips & resources
  • 1:1 Coach Support.

Your investment: $150