What is life coaching?

About Life Coaching

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a life coach. Generally, the response is: “What’s a life coach?” Below are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions. Chances are, not all of our questions are answered below. No worries! Please feel free to email or call me and I’d be happy to field any questions you may have!

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a person who can be relied and trusted upon. It is an individual who can help you pinpoint what keeps you from achieving your maximum potential. It is a one-on-one relationship that provides a supportive, non-judgmental space to help you dream, arrange, and acquire the supplies you need to obtain your goals. It’s about dissecting seemingly overwhelming concerns to a gradual process… helping you describe and reframe your thoughts to move ahead. Life Coaching can redirect negative patterns into flourishing ones, help you gain an elevated knowledge of self, and take appropriate steps to deliver your full potential.

What types of people have Life Coaches?

Anyone and everyone! All are welcome here, and there certainly isn’t one particular “type” who meets with a life coach. Being a Life Coach means coaching covers a wide range of everyday life stuff – anywhere from relationships, career, finances, health, spiritual and more. Although working with a life coach isn’t limited to any type of person, it is designed for those:

  • Desiring to make a change in their lives
  • Committed to becoming more fulfilled
  • Willing to take action to get there

How will Life Coaching help?

When seeking a Life Coach, it all depends on what you’re after. If you’re seeking a Life Coach for personal reasons, a coach can help you to:

  • Sharpen your relationships
  • Correct negative behaviors
  • Boost your overall health
  • Or grow in your faith

If you’re seeking a Life Coach to help you out professionally, a coach can assist in:

  • Making your current job more rewarding
  • Gaining a sharper focus on conducting your work
  • Market yourself more effectively

Overall, life coaching is all about assisting you in living a more harmonious & fulfilled life.

What happens in a Life Coaching Session?

Sessions are constructed to fit each client’s specific needs. As we begin, we’ll chat about what you’re committed to accomplishing through our time together. Then, we’ll develop a plan to reach your individual goals. Occasionally, I will give you homework to help guide your progress. We will work side-by-side to recognize obstacles, examine different perspectives & celebrate sweet progress.

Do I have to live in the same locations as my Life Coach?

No way! Thanks to technology, it’s so easy to communicate all over the globe. Life Coaching can happen all across the world; in fact, the majority happens over the phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Do I really need a Life Coach? Why can’t I just do it myself?

Life Coaching can take you beyond your personal obstacles and expand your outlook. It’s human nature to attempt to achieve life’s greatest tasks all on our own, completely independent of others. In our attempts, we often miss what stands in our way. A Life Coach can offer a neutral and honest perspective. A Life Coach can also assist in bringing attention to your habits. Most people realize that this provides the opportunity for better discernment of their potential. In addition, they begin to fully recognize that they are most effective when teaming up with a Life Coach. Life Coaching can make your dreams achievable while lending a hand and cheering you on along the way.

How is Coaching different from Therapy or Counseling?

The major difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching is not designed to approach psychological issues. Although emotional issues often arise, the primary focus of Life Coaching is to help you set goals, accomplish them, and cultivate practical routines & skills. With Life Coaching, there is little emphasis placed on the past. Rather, the focus is on discovering what and who you want to be!

How long do people generally work with a Life Coach?

In order to fully grasp the Life Coaching program, I advise clients to make an initial commitment of nine coaching sessions or three months. As those nine sessions come to a close, we will examine progress and discuss options for further coaching.